5 Cool Beard Styles

Thomas Maynard

It isn’t enough to just grow your beard. Most days that is a big part of it, but a beard really comes together when it’s styled and neatly trimmed. But the question is what styles are in? Beard styles are evolving as the bearded trend takes the world by storm. Often, it is hard to find a style for your beard. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 cool beard styles that are both unique and sure to turn heads.


Beard Squared 2

A popular style that is one of the most common to see is the squared-out beard. This look is achieved by keeping the cheeks shorter and the chin/neck beard longer. It falls into a boxy shape and is cleaner kept than a biker’s beard. One thing to note is that the cheeks are shorter, but it is blended together to give it a smoother look. The length of the look can vary depending on your style, but it should take anywhere from a month or so, to 6 months. To further improve the look the mustache is trimmed, and the cheeks are lightly faded. This style is used by so many people today that it’s hard to pick just one individual out for this beard type, but chances are you’ve seen them around.



Up next we have a more natural look that can be used at medium and longer lengths. This style has a more natural feel to it and fits a person with a rounded jaw. With this style, the beard gets trimmed about the same length on the cheeks and the chin giving it a fuller, rounded look. This specific look takes hardly any maintenance to keep shape but can be improved when the cheeks and mustache are trimmed nicely too. Someone who we all might remember with an awesome beard of this style is actor Zach Galifianakis from the Hangover movie series and several other comedy films. The grow time to get to this point varies from just over a month, to a few months to get that desired shape.


Short Beard

Short Trimmed

Of course, not everyone enjoys a full-fledged beard that has a lot of length to it. For those who aren’t as interested in a longer mane a neater, short trimmed look is more your style. Simply put this style is characterized by short and even hair length usually not more than a couple inches. Other attributes to this style are clean lines at the cheeks, mustache and neck. Depending on the person, the growth time for this style ranges from a couple weeks to a couple months. This look is more sophisticated than most others and is very common among those who can’t or won’t grow great length. A popular figure that utilizes this style would be Aubrey “Drake” Graham, famed hip-hop artist from Canada.


Biker Beard

Biker Beard

If you’re looking for something a little more intimidating in a beard, look no further. The biker beard is the meanest looking style to hit this list, but at the same time looks relatively cool too. The shape is different from that of most other styles because it is shorter on the sides with a focus on length in the chin area and is messier than the squared look. Due to the styles more rugged nature, there isn’t much shaping up done on the cheeks or mustache. Growth time can take a few months or more because the chin hairs are much longer than the cheeks. Once you achieve the desired length, the sides are just trimmed down to finish it all off. As the name indicates, this style is largely used by bikers around nation.


ZZ Top Beard

Untamed Mane

This is one of the more straight-forward styles on the list but has the potential to be cooler than the rest. Usually this style looks best at length because short beards tend to look unruly without maintenance. The style is easy to achieve because it literally involves no major trimming. It also may include light maintenance at the cheeks and mustache to clean it up a bit. One poplar figure that rocks the untamed mane is Billy Gibbons from the popular rock band ZZ Top. Of course, how long it takes to accomplish this style depends on what exactly you’re trying to achieve. However, if you’re looking for a beard like Mr. Gibbons, you’re going to be waiting around a bit.


Rock What You Got

That’s it for our list of 5 cool beard styles. Depending on many factors some of these styles may not fit you, but sometimes you must create your own style. Even though there are many styles out there that are new and old. Creativity and originality are the start of every one of these styles. Our advice, for those who don’t feel any of these cool styles fit their specific look, is to Rock What You Got! Don’t be afraid to express yourself though your beard and create the next cool style everyone wants to have. What are your favorite beard styles to use that are original and not on this list?

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