About Royal Beardsmen

Royal Beardsmen began as an effort to provide a better solution for premium all natural beard grooming products while striving to end the negative misconception of keeping the beard out of the workplace. Our company is run by 2 dedicated beardsmen (Shan and Garrett) and lifelong friends that wanted to develop a brand and an image that simply does not cut corners.

It all began with the desire to change how bearded men are perceived in everyday life. We aim to encourage the idea that having a beard can indeed be for everyone, regardless of their personalities or professions.

Royal Beardsmen Event Beard Booth

We provide premium products with quality ingredients that were manufactured right here in the USA. Our passion for the product really lies within our brand, where we put a substantial amount of time and effort into creating Royal Beardsmen.


Our products, website design, labels/graphics and customer service were developed by combining our skill-sets and is all handled entirely by our small brotherhood!