Top 5 Popular Beards of 2019

Thomas Maynard

Most people know that beards are a growing trend. The trend has managed to rip its way into the faces of many popular figures today. While there could be a list of hundreds, maybe even thousands of popular bearded men, the list was narrowed down to 5 of the most popular beards in 2019 (which was not limited to beards of just our reality). These 5 beards are in no particular order and were picked based on how well groomed they are, as well as the popularity of these fine gents.


Drakes Beautiful Beard

Aubrey “Drake” Graham

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, is first up on our list of popular beards. This hip-hop artist usually sports a lighter beard, but is known to maintain a well-groomed bit of face fuzz. Occasionally Drake lets his length out a bit to show off a truly awesome mane. Not only does this man rock a finely groomed beard, in February of 2019 Drake received a 4th Grammy Award for Best Rap song (God’s Plan) to solidify his looming popularity. His original tunes got him a spot at #13 in Billboard's “Top 100 Artists Chart”. Drake, definitely is a popular guy who is well known in the bearded community.


Ezekiel has a massive beard

Ezekiel Elliott

Next up, the Dallas Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elijah Elliott. Not only is Ezekiel known for dominating the NFL in rushing yards, but he had a vicious beard to complement his aggressive playing style. You would think during his games that his beard would just be mangy and tangled. However, he somehow manages to fight traditional odds and keeps a pretty solid look about his beard. Of course his beard has given him some popularity, but according to the “NFL Top 100 Players,” his performance in the NFL landed him a spot at #18 for 2019. Ezekiel certainly is a huge competitor for most popular beard. 


Conor McGregor has an awesome beard

Conor McGregor

Another aggressive competitor in the sports world is, Conor Anthony McGregor. The Irishman puts his best beard forward and is also well known for his MMA fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but recently tried his hands at boxing. Conor is more specifically known in the UFC for being the former featherweight (2015) and lightweight (2016) champion. Although he isn’t on top of the boards anymore, according to Wikipedia “As of July 22, 2019, he is #3 in official UFC lightweight rankings and #11 in official UFC pound-for-pound rankings”. Not to mention, this guy has an awesome beard and has created some pretty awesome whisky to compliment it.


James Harden and his beard with a ball

James Harden

If only there was another sports star with a monstrous beard to add into this list. Oh wait! With one of the thickest beards to make this list, James Edward Harden Jr. of the Houston Rockets is next up. Obviously James’ fame was a result of his exceptional skill on the court. More specifically, this NBA star also received gold medals in the Olympics on the U.S. National basketball team in 2012 and the FIBA World Cup in 2016. This world renown ball player has also grown an immaculate beard that is absolutely thicker than everyone on this list. There certainly is no question why James Harden makes this list because he may just have one of the most popular beards.

Kratos from God of War IV


Last, but definitely not the least bearded, Kratos of the God of War Franchise is rocking a pretty gnarly beard in his latest adventure within God of War IV. Although the franchise is locked in to PlayStation consoles, the popularity for this game is outstanding and some even purchased a new console just to experience the God of War series. Most of the games in the series were built around Greek Mythology, but after enacting his vengeance in the first three games, he attempts to settle down in the world of the Norse Gods. After an unforeseen tragedy, Kratos is back in action in God of War IV and he comes with a bad-ass beard. With millions being sold just in the first few days of launch, Kratos’s new beard was soon known by all in the gaming community. Even though he is a fictional character and hard to really compare to those in reality, there are many copies being sold. He has easily become one of the most popular beards around the globe. 

That’s it for this list of popular beards in 2019. Who did you think should’ve been on this list?


  • Kevin Cadien

    Rick Ross should be on this list as well!

  • Matt

    Kratos wins

  • The Wizard

    Kratos for the win, my liege!

  • Brian Robinson

    Kratos is my spirit animal!!!!

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