Beard Butter vs. Beard Balm

Thomas Maynard

Beard Butter or Beard Balm?

As the beard grooming industry evolves, so will the products that are made readily available. The introduction of beard balm and beard butter has really stirred up the regular routine of any beardsman not currently living under a rock. Many have already experienced the benefits that beard butter and beard balm add to grooming standards. Like other products, they too have specific roles in a routine. However, the common question is what the heck is the difference? Simply put, balm is for styling your beard with deep conditioning properties and butter gears more towards an even greater conditioning experience without worry about the added hold. Of course, there are more additional differences between the two.

Royal Beardsmen Beard Butter - Tortuga Bay 

Beard Butter, what is it good for?

The answer is, a little bit of everything! Using Royal Beardsmen’s Premium Beard Butter as an example, the product has a more creamy consistency to it than that of beard balm. When scooped out and rubbed between your hands and fingers it emulsifies into a thick, oil-like consistency. The butter utilizes a blend of naturally refined shea butter paired along with the familiar nutrient-rich carrier oils that Royal Beardsmen bases their beard oils with. The shea butter is carefully whipped to give a light and more nourishing texture compared to the creamier and thicker consistency of the balm. Of course, depending on the specific scent you also have a mixture of essential oils for fragrance. When beard butter is applied throughout your beard, the deep conditioning and moisturizing properties kick in almost immediately! The reason for the sudden introduction of beard butter hitting the markets was to further tackle a more effective conditioning experience for beards, while maintaining more of a natural styling hold. The result, a softer beard that is more easily tamed and shaped. When paired with Royal Beardsmen’s Premium Beard Oil, both your skin and beard are guaranteed to be well hydrated and conditioned. Since Beard Butter isn’t designed for heavy styling, it is primarily used to lounge around the house or in the evening. Although it isn’t the answer to all occasions, make no mistake beard butter is awesome. Royal Beardsmen Beard Balm - Cavalier

This Next Product is the Balm!

Pun intended here, but one thing that certainly isn’t a joke… beard balm. When compared to beard butter, the consistency of balm is not as creamy, but still retains a much less hardened texture than that of mustache wax. Like beard butter, when rubbed between your hands and fingers the product emulsifies. The result is a thick oil that once applied, provides a much better hold than that of beard butter. Beard balm is also made of a blend of naturally refined shea butter for a lighter conditioning effect, but much less effective than beard butter. However, the true difference lies in the addition of beeswax to give a natural looking hold to beards. Other than these two main ingredients, there are also Royal Beardsmen’s nutrient-rich carrier oils, all aimed at providing different benefits to faces of the beards it services. The scents with balms are derived from a blend of essential oils depending on the personal preference in aroma. Beard balm’s enhanced hold is perfect for daily use, whether it be for work or play. Anytime a more styled look is required, beard balm is definitely the product for the job.

Oil Isn’t Enough Nowadays…

The days of just applying beard oil a couple times a day are about dead and gone. Most men today can’t get by with just oil. The addition of new products have made it more and more possible to further enhance grooming abilities for the average Joe. All of the various beard products on the market have a specified function in a daily grooming routine. Beard butter and beard balm are just two of the many available. Royal Beardsmen’s collections contain a few of the other products used to keep your beard looking well-groomed. Just as importantly these products help keep beards clean and scented naturally. Treat your beard like Royalty.

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