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What is beard oil? That’s entirely a matter of ingredient composition. Carrier oils play the most important role in formulating a healthy beard while maintaining a soft and all-natural composure. You will find that some beard oils generally work better than others solely due to their ingredients. It's important to monitor what you put into your beard and understand the benefits to each individual ingredient comprising a beard oil recipe. Royal Beardsmen's premium beard oils and beard balms are made up of 9 industry-grade carrier oils that were strategically formulated to get you the results you are looking for.

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Virgin Argan Oil

Also known as "liquid gold", virgin argan oil derives from the Argania Spinosa tree. Argan oil is used for multiple skin and hair purposes such as treating several mild skin conditions, moisturizing beard hair and repairing mustache and beard split ends. 


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant and is also used to moisturize and treat skin conditions. Jojoba oil is also used to prevent skin irritation and razor bumps that are commonly formed on the neck and hairline as well as putting an end to the itchy beard. 


Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is naturally collected by pressing the pulp of an avocado. Avocado oil is one of the most effective ingredients in beard oil due to its replenishing and hydrating form factor. Avocado oil also helps to shield from ultraviolet radiation (UV), as well as soothing irritation caused from UV rays. 


Hempseed Oil

Hempseed oil derives from hemp seeds in the cannabis plant. The oil contains several antioxidants in which many claim to carry the same medical benefits as Cannabis. Hempseed oil also contains many anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a skin moisturizer without clogging pores to prevent a wiry and itchy beard.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is made up of omega-6 fatty acids and is rich in vitamin E oil. Grapeseed oil has no one primary benefit, but instead many useful benefits such as pore cleansing, skin moisturizing, promoting beard growth, scar healing and adding moisture and strength to hair to achieve a full beard. Grapeseed oil is very lightweight and will not leave your beard greasy!


Apricot Kernel Oil

The seed of an apricot is called a kernel, which is exactly where apricot kernel oil is extracted from! Apricot kernel oil has anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent redness and an itchy beard, as well as being composed of vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C and omega-6 fatty acids to further aid skin health. Apricot kernel oil is especially used in beard oil to stimulate beard growth, retain moisture and keep your skin feeling healthy. 


Pumpkin Seed Oil

High in both vitamin E and zinc, pumpkin seed oil provides one of the most effective methods for naturally improving your skin tone. Pumpkin seed oil also has been proven to treat and prevent hair loss, which is an extremely beneficial element in beard grooming! Like other carrier oils, pumpkin seed oil has many moisturizing benefits to maintain a perfect beard. 


Sweet Almond Oil

There are two form factors of almond oil; bitter and sweet. Bitter almond oil is extracted from bitter almonds and is usually avoided due to it's acidic and toxic makeup. Sweet almond oil is extracted from the edible almonds we are all so familiar with and primarily used for it's health, skin and hair benefits. Sweet almond oil is hypoallergenic and can be used even on the most sensitive set of skin. Sweet almond oil is used in beard oil to deeply clean and moisturize your beard, while preventing and treating an itchy beard. 


Vitamin E Oil

In it's most purest form, vitamin E oil is easily one of the most important ingredients in any standard beard oil recipe. You'll find that most carrier oils contain at least some trace of vitamin E. Vitamin E is mostly found in leaves of certain plants and has many naturally occurring forms. Vitamin E oil is a key and master ingredient in any beard moisturizing product due to it's natural skin and hair softening benefits. An absolute necessity in maintaining a full beard!


Always Do Your Research!

The greatest ingredient in beard products is knowledge, so next time you ask yourself “what is beard oil?”, just make sure you always do your research to know just what you are putting into your beard. Overall, the products you use will play the most important role in growing and grooming your beard when following effective beard grooming tips. Also remember, beard or no beard, carrier oils are vital for exceptional skin care!

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