The Evolution of Beards in the Workplace

Thomas Maynard

Bearded Business Man

Beards in the past have commonly been paired with negative connotations, more so with gentlemen in professional environments. Typically, a place of business was filled with clean shaven gents, but in 2019 things are going in a completely different direction. Beards are booming with no sign of this trend fading. More companies are beginning to foster this trend in an attempt to keep up with its looming popularity. One question remains. Why now and not a decade ago? Simply put, it is a growing trend and continues to keep expanding, so it is rather hard to ignore the fact that everyone is getting on board with the movement. More importantly, the introduction of a variety of beard grooming products flooding the market have enabled men to finally control their face fur and look as professional as any clean shaven gentleman. Of course knowing how to care for your beard is one part of it, the other half is in the actual maintenance. Of course the internet can have an overwhelming amount of information. So, there are professionals in barbershops world-wide who are trained in the art of trimming and overall maintenance of beards, as well as hairstyles that can aid and support a well-trimmed mane. 

All A-Beard

It is almost harder to find a clean shaven man in today’s workplace then it is to find someone with a clean cut beard. Looking further into the businesses of today allowing the trend to extend to their faculties and staff. To name a few examples, I work for a school District where it is very common to see another bearded gent like myself in the day-to-day. Many are cleaning up for their promotional interviews without fear of being discriminated for their well-groomed beards. Local Florida SuperMarket chain Publix, had been fighting the bearded community for years. This same company is now taking measures to add clean cut men to their workforce with facial nets on their food section employees as opposed to keeping a clean shaven policy. Of course, many bars and local breweries are embracing this trend with open arms. Royal Beardsmen often attend a local market at Marker 48 Brewing in Spring Hill. They quickly took notice to the fact that many of their employees, the owner included, have great well-groomed beards. There are many reasons businesses may be embracing the trend, but it is believed that advancements in grooming tools and knowledge of grooming is largely responsible for this addition to professional environment.

It's All in the Goods

Other than beards being a massively growing trend, there are an influx of great beard grooming products on the market to assist with taming a bearded Man’s mane and elimination of the negative stigma. All-Natural Premium Beard Grooming products like that of Royal Beardsmen, include an extensive array of products to fit any bearded man’s style. Beard Oil is the lifeblood of the bearded community with tons of benefits for the skin and beard. By reducing the inflammation and dry skin having a beard can lead to, this allows for further and more consistent growth without needing to shave by the time a Man reaches the “itchy stages” as they’re more commonly referred to. This stage had been terribly hard to overcome in previous years. Although beard oil has a running list of benefits, it is believed that the biggest advancement to the beard grooming regimen is the introduction of beard balm. For example, Royal Beardsmen beard balm contains a blend of shea butter to condition the beard and white bees wax to assist with styling as well as the same essential oils that beard oil contains to extend its benefits. These grooming tools allow beards to become extraordinary and groomed in ways that were never thought possible, which swayed many companies to allow this trend to enter their businesses. 

Manage that Mane

Knowledge certainly is power when it comes to your beard and learning how to maintain it. Knowing how to trim your grizzly-beard can be the difference between looking like a bum and a straight-up stud. Beard maintenance is obviously important to keeping a professional style in order to break the negative stigma and prove that it belongs in the workplace. However, most Men don’t instinctively know how to trim their beards. The vast resources available on the internet can become quite overwhelming and tedious to pick through. The good news is that there are local  places filled with professionals that maintain the mane on a daily basis, either on themselves or the many customers they serve. These locations are pretty self-explanatory and serve to keep you looking clean-cut year-round. Apart from them being able to maintain your hair and beard for you, most are also willing to go the extra mile and give you advice on the maintenance needed in-between visits.

Man Getting Beard Trim


The look of a professional bearded Man is certainly one that is earned, not given. The amount of effort that goes into maintaining a beard is appreciated by companies and as recompense they’re considering them to be a part of what is deemed professional attire. Through the spread of these ideals, this trend can eventually be the norm for every company dress code. Although there may be some companies holding on to the preconceived negative connotations that having a beard entails, it is unsure how many will be cutting that stigma despite the growing popularity. One thing that is for sure, beards are certainly here to stay. With the help of the bearded community, it is a hope that every workplace across the globe will embrace the beard as many companies do today.

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