Pinewood Forest Premium Beard Butter

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Pinewood Forest 4oz Premium Beard Butter

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Imagine hiking through a forest with a lakeside breeze of fresh pine and cedar wood. This blend has a strong scent of pine with hints of cedar and oak.

NOTE: due to the all-natural consistency of the oils, beard butter may have melted during transit. Please refrigerate before opening if necessary.

Poured Butters are available for a limited time.

Size: 4 Ounces


Shea Butter, Virgin Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hempseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Scented With Premium Essential Oils.

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    Yvonne Gonzalez (Walnut, US)
    Great products worth every Penny

    Husband loves it. The beard butter did wonders in his beard it’s softer, conditioning, and smells amazing!

    John Fraser (Hamburg, US)
    Excellent Product

    I bought the Pinewood Forest beard butter a few weeks back per a friend’s recommendation to give Royal Beardsman a try and I love it. The scent is great and loved by my wife and the product has done an amazing job of improving the look of my beard while also softening it.

    To this point I’ve been jumping around to try various products, but I don’t see straying away from Royal Beardsman after this.

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    Juan (Corpus Christi, US)
    Pinewood Forest Beard Butter (Poured)

    Disclaimer: This is my first time making a purchase from The Royal Beardsman

    This will be a long review (Skip to sections that may pertain to what will guide you to a decision)
    I am writing this review, so that it may help someone who is on the fence like I was before purchasing from this great company. I am not an affiliate, but now a loyal customer for life! =)

    Customer Care : From the get go, the process to order is easy. The website is easy to navigate, and placing an order took literal seconds to do. I had no problems using a coupon upon placing my order either. I received the confirmation via email seconds after placing the order. Shipping was fast, and arrived 3 days before the date stated on the email. Shipment came in a white cardboard box, with the RB logo on the face of it. It was very well packaged, and each product was individually boxed/sealed with great care. The most impressive part for me, was seeing a hand written "thank you" in the box, which shows that The RB really cares about their customers 5/5 rating.

    Note before product information: I have tried products from companies such as Artius Man, Badass Beard co., The Beard Struggle, Honest Amish, Grave Before Shave, ect. One thing all these companies had in common... They all had at least one quality issue that I had a problem with in their products.... now to continue the review.

    The Product: After feeling like a kid on Christmas day, I took each beard butter out of their boxes and broke the seal under the cap on the Pinewood Forest BB. Upon initial smell of the BB, I knew what to expect, not a strong smell like with the oil. Also like the oil, the BB's full scent came to life after applying about a dime sized amount in my hands and rubbing them together. The smell quickly filled up my surroundings, and I instantly fell in love as I did with the oil. The perks of the BB being poured instead of whipped, is that you don't need as much to get your beard fully conditioned. To say that this BB smells like the typical pine that comes from other companies would be insulting. I feel like I just spent a day near a bunch of evergreens when applying this BB. It smells authentic and carefully crafted. I hope that RB continues to sell the poured version of this product. HUGE plus, it mixes very well with my chemistry! 5/5 rating

    Quality: As mentioned above, this product is carefully crafted, and you do not need a lot of it to properly apply it. The scent is magnificent and lasts for quite awhile! I can usually smell the scent for at least 8-12 hours, and it's not so strong that it makes you nauseous. Applying this in the evenings keeps your beard nourished throughout the night. You end up with a healthy looking beard first thing in the morning! I have been looking for a product that had the perfect combination of Thickness, Smell, and longevity for quite awhile, and now I have finally found it! 5/5 rating.

    Closing: If you feel that you still haven't found your "forever" beard care product. I urge you to give The Royal Beardsmen a try. From their customer care, all the way to the product itself. You will not be disappointed!

    Side note to the RB team: I would love to see this scent and others in your product line made into Beard Wash/Conditioner. I believe many of your loyal beardsmen would agree to this sentiment!

    Products Ordered: Pinewood Forest Oil/Beard Butter, Sire Oil/Beard Butter (Similar reviews will be made for each product =) )

    Kyle Overstreet (Lady Lake, US)

    Pinewood Forest 4oz Premium Beard Butter

    Sean (Glen Burnie, US)
    Pine Fresh

    I was searching for a good pine scented beard butter and happened upon Royal Beardsmen. Other companies offered balm and oil in pine scents, but not butter. I wanted one where the pine stood out and I'm glad I went with this. It's not a cheap car freshener pine. It's fresh and subtle. Very clean. And the butter itself leaves my beard very soft all day and night when I'm at work. I'll definitely order from them again.