Crusaders Coast Premium Beard Oil

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Crusader's Coast Premium Beard Oil

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Crusader’s Coast, a hidden island stricken from the history books located off the coast of the Caribbean described as an absolute paradise. Prized to only the most royal crusaders and noble beardsmen for their lifelong dedication to the throne. This scent is heavily blended with pineapple and coconut.

Beard Oil Contains Nutrient-Rich Carrier Oils to Benefit Skin And Hair Health.

Size: 2 Fluid Ounces


Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Hempseed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Squalane Oil, Avocado Oil, Scented With Premium Essential And Fragrance Oils

How to use beard oil: Drop 4-6 drops of beard oil on your palm. Apply completely through the depth of your beard, ensuring you reach to the skin on your face

    Customer Reviews

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    Michael McDaniel (Two Rivers, US)

    It's the best I've found so far.


    I absolutely love the smell and how it feels in my beard. Once again Royal Beardsman knocks it out of the park

    Steven Flagar (Vancouver, US)
    Very impressed. !!!!!

    I got a crusader lotion in a trade. I can’t imagine why 🤷‍♂️. I’d never let it go. .. the moment I unpacked it I knew my next move was to get to the website and order oil and butter balm trio !!Bear in mind , I was just looking for the scent. But man !! I the rest of it.. The quality of each of these products is unparalleled! And the attention to detail in every aspect of that order each product beautifully packaged and meticulously arranged for shipping .. even the outer package promised that what was within would be a cut above …. Right down to delivery ( less than 3 full days ). A Stellar performance “Royal” isn’t just a word on the label here. It’s a declaration of the experience you are about to be treated to.

    Leland (Roanoke, US)
    Smells Amazing!

    This scent is incredible! While the pineapple note doesn't last long (citrus scents seldom do) the overall scent is wonderful and tropical. It reminds me of a Pina Colada. The oil itself is high-quality and the ingredients are top-notch.

    David Tran (Houston, US)

    Crusader's Coast Premium Beard Oil