Dragon Spice Vanilla Cinnamon Premium Beard Butter

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Dragon Spice 4oz Premium Beard Butter

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Dragon Spice is a woodsy blend with a fiery scent of cinnamon and a subtle hint of vanilla. Highly desirable, yet embracive enough for the avid beardsmen.

NOTE: due to the all-natural consistency of the oils, beard butter may have melted during transit. Please refrigerate before opening if necessary.

Poured Butters are available for a limited time.

Size: 4 Ounces


Shea Butter, Virgin Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hempseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Scented With Premium Essential Oils.

    Customer Reviews

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    Adrian Carmona (Downey, US)
    I can’t stop taking deep breath’s!

    Bro, not gonna lie, I don’t care how dumb I look moving my head around just so I can smell this stuff! It smells bomb! I don’t know if I was just craving something sweet at the time I smelled this thing, probably was, but it kinda reminded me of the smell of flan. Not strong in a nasty way, just a little whisper of “flan” in the back of my mind. I love flan, and if you don’t like flan then I feel bad for you because it delicious and this scent is amazing. I definitely smell the vanilla as well as the cinnamon. If both of those scents made sweet love, which in this case they do, and you walked into the room after, you’d probably say “ was someone eating flan in here?” Yes, the answer is yes. Not only that, they were also making it, and you need to order it and rub it all over your beard…. You’re Welcome.

    Dewayne Dickeson
    Repeat Customer

    Just received my 4th order from Royal Beardsmen. I have been using their oil and butter for awhile now and have to say the quality of their products is fantastic. I get regular complements on how great the Dragon Spice smells and I love how it makes my bread look and feel.

    Derrick Schoening (Shenandoah, US)
    The Spice Melosh

    Great smell and great Hydration

    Weston Key (Burke, US)
    Amazing scent again

    They did it again, amazing scent and easily my favorite

    James (Folsom, US)
    Amazing Smell, Lower Hold, Great Moisture/Longevity

    I ordered this stuff because of all the raving reviews both on here and Youtube about the smell, and they were all spot on. To be honest I've only tried a handful of other products (including the El Humidor balm from these guys), maybe 10 in total over the years, but I can confidently say you'll enjoy the smell of this. Be aware, it is primarily sweet vanilla (but a good vanilla) - I read one review that claimed it smelled like a cinnamon pinecone, but that couldn't be further from the truth. However, it's still great, it keeps your beard nice and moisturized throughout the day, doesn't have much hold but will keep it from being as bushy as just using beard oil (at least on my beard, full, hangs maybe 3 inches below the chin), and keeps smelling good for about 24 hours. If you are used to products that don't have much of a smell, this isn't for you, but if you want to smell like the candle isle at Home Goods, then go for it. Definitely a winter/fall scent. Easy to wash out, easy to apply.